Blizzard in Edmonton!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Don't panic! Winter has arrived incredibly early (even for Edmonton). It's actually Miracle Treat Day. Every year (or is it twice a year?), Dairy Queen locations throughout the country donate the proceeds from the sale of their Blizzard Treats (ice cream mixed with various toppings) to local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. To show our support, and fill our bellies with ice creamy goodness, we've organized a Blizzard run this afternoon. A couple of our employees are heading out and picking up treats for everyone. And we've rounded up the price we were quoted for the treats and will be donating the extra money. I have to say that I was stunned by the generosity of a couple of our managers who purchased treats for the folks who are making the run to the store and delivering blizzards directly to folks at their desks AND donated additional cash to the the Children's Miracle Network. I work with some great people!!!

Unfortunately the weather in Edmonton today isn't really Summery but it's always a good day for ice cream. Please visit your local DQ location and purchase a Blizzard (or 2 or, like us, 25) and help a very worth cause. If you want to avoid the calories, you could always donate to the Children's Miracle Network directly by clicking here.


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