I'll Give You Something to Cry About!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
This morning while watching the morning news on CNN, they showed a story on the current round of "town hall" meetings being held to discuss President Obama's healthcare proposal. At one, a woman stood up and through a steady stream of tears cried that the US has the best healthcare in the world and that it was going to be taken away if the President's healthcare program passes. Unfortunately for this woman, she's seriously misled. The healthcare system in the United Stats is NOT the best in the world. Yes, they are leaders in research and have some of the best doctors anywhere but that doesnt' really affect you unless you can afford it. What this woman failed to realize (as do thousands of other universal healthcare opponents) is that the majority of Americans CANNOT AFFORD IT.

And this big threat of bringing in the scary Canadian system of healthcare where you'll be told which doctors you're allowed to visit and the threat of a socialist state is one step closer...? Puh-lease. I can see any doctor I want to and I have never had a problem getting access to required tests or procedures. Yes, it might take a bit longer and I know of folks who have had to wait far too long thanks to cuts to our programs (damn the Conservatives!) but you're never dictated to or denied treatment.

You'll notice I said "required" tests or procedures. This is a big difference between countries like the US and Canada. Doctors here might earn more than the average schmuck and so they should. However, they're not wealthy or become celebrities in their own right such as the US. Like teachers and police or firefighters, I think Doctors and Nurses should be paid more considering how important their jobs are. However, medicine is NOT a "business" and you shouldn't get into it if you're looking to get rich. What happened to the idea of helping people? We end up losing our doctors to the States because of the almighty dollar. Sadly when you're more interested in earning than healing...that's what makes me cry. And if more countries in the world followed the US's example when it comes to "health care", the world would be a sad place to be.


Pokecheck said...

This uninsured American is all for Obama's plan. Yes, most of the people who are screaming against it are ill-informed. Or self absorbed jerks who don't care about the millions of people who have no coverage. Or idiot nationalists who think everything the USA does is better than anything anyone else does. Or any combination of these.

SME said...

This has been driving me absolutely crazy; the fear-mongering and outright lying about universal healthcare, the astroturfing, the hysteria that's being whipped up by corporate/insurance interests. Insanity.

Heather said...

This article (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/13/health/13clinic.html?hpw) made me want to cry. The thought that people would need to line up for days for a free pap smear or a tooth extraction...I couldn't believe it.

sp said...

Bottom line is that US healthcare needs to be addressed so everyone can have access. I think it's fundamental to being a democracy much like education is fundamental to being a democracy.

I'm not sure the Canadian system is a model of a good system since it too is fraught with its own problems.

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