The Menu is Set - Almost

Saturday, August 29, 2009
A big thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions for September's recipe challenge. Lasagna, which I've made before, is what the Admiral and I tend to offer (or spaghetti) to our family/friends on Christmas Eve when they come over to our place so I will probably give it a go again in December. Canneloni is something I've always wanted to try but whenever I've been out and seen it on a menu, it's been filled with some kind of meat. However, once the colder weather comes around, I will likely finally try to make my own, meatless version as well as a jambalaya (chicken or veggie version). Fantastic suggestions!! I'm sorry but I just can't include a nice thing to say about olives no matter how much everyone else raves about them.

The menu I've tentatively settled on is as follows:

-pork loin chops (probably just shake'd and bake'd to keep it simple)
-spicy soy cucumber salad (from my Perfect Vegetables cookbook - should be nice and light)
-tomato tart with parmesan (and possibly mozza) and onion on phyllo pastry (individual size probably, not a big one)

I was going to have the tomato tart as an appetizer and was trying to figure out what to have as another side dish with the main meal. I'm still considering mashed sweet potatoes or roasted carrots with a ginger glaze. The orange alongside the green of the salad and the red of the tart would be great but maybe I should just have the tart as a side dish. What do you think? Man, planning a nice sit-down meal is stressful...

To top it all off, this could turn into one of our old Dinner and A Movie nights and if it does...I then have to find a movie to watch. Arrgh.


sp said...

Well done. I suggest just sticking with the tart as a side dish.
If you hadn't already thought of it, remember that you can make your salad the day before and just dress it before you serve. That will lighten the load on the day itself.

Milla said...

Hmmmmmmmm do you like grilled vegetables?

You can grill them in the oven, or on the stove, adn dress them with olive oil, a little salt and herbs.
You can prepare them the day before and grill them while you cook the rest of the food.

tweetey30 said...

I think I would do that also. Just let the tart sit as a side. Let some one else pick the movie. You chose the food.

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