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Friday, August 21, 2009
Just chillin' in my hood(ie). What up?

Thanks to everyone for their concern over the weird tummy incident on Sunday night. I have an appointment with the doc on Monday morning and will (1) get confirmation that it's likely my gall bladder and be sent for an ultrasound; (2) be yelled at for not heading to the emergency room; (3) be told I've got an ulcer; (4) be laughed at and told to stop wasting his time; or (5) have another attack from the pizza I just ate and end up in the emergency room tonight and avoid the appointment altogether.

The Admiral suggested I should stop drinking the evil Coca Cola and she is correct. However, 'tis not the cause of the problem nor making it worse. In fact, I've found (just like Canada Dry...the ONLY gingerale) that the bubbles make the on and off acidic burning I've had since it happened feel better.

I attempted to call my doctor's office and speak with the nurse on Tuesday but there were a number of problems....don't get me started although I am happy to say that my doctor puts in a good deal of time at one of the local hospitals. As I couldn't get in to see him earlier than next week and couldn't connect with the nurse, I ended up calling Health Link and speaking to one of the nurses there. I heart Martha, RN. She seemed to confirm my self-diagnosis although she is not able to give me an actual diagnosis over the phone. However her questions and suggestions gave me the strong impression that she agreed with me. I was told that if my fever continued for a total of 4 days, if I started getting chills and could not warm up, or if the pain returned ... get thee to a hospital immediately! Fortunately my fever stopped just in time to avoid a ride to the emergency room and no chills since the night it happened. I have not felt ... right ... since it happened: as I mentioned, the on/off acid especially when I lie down, headaches that come and go, and the occasional nudge of pain but not enough to warrant calling the ambulance.

Every thing I eat, I question. Is this going to kill me? Will I end up in a ball on the linoleum at three in the morning? Or will it just be super duper yummy? Grrrrrrr.

PS: I want to/need to/must see District 9 again. I will be buying it the moment it's released on DVD. Have you seen it yet? Have you? Go go go!!!


Wandering Coyote said...

I am desperate to see District 9, but you know where I live - in da boonies! Getting to a theatre is a major undertaking and its seriously cramping my style!

Red said...

Just because you feel better when drinking Coke doesn't mean that Coke is not the problem. Pardon the dramatic comparison, but a heroin addict also feels better right after shooting up. :(

That stuff is bad, bad, bad for you, so listen to your mother, she knows best: lay off the evil juice!

Hope they keep your appointment on Monday. I was supposed to have one yesterday at 3.30pm and got a call at 1.15 to tell me it had been cancelled... Grrrr.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do hope you can get a confirmed diagnosis so that you can feel better without resorting to drinking the brown death.

I have not yet seen District 9, but it's sure on my radar. I did watch Pontypool last night and it was fascinating.

Milla said...

I don't know if it's because Red is Italian but I agree with her about the coca cola.

When I was an au pair in the Israeli family they made me polish the silver with coca cola! That, and cheap toothpaste.

Milla said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you: I love this green picture! I can see a little bit of your eye on the left, and I thought the hoodie was an umbrella!

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