I can breeeeeed!

Friday, September 25, 2009
That's me with a cold.

Actually, I can breathe once again. Sort of. My wicked, knock you senseless, weird head cold-like thingy seems to be breaking up a bit. The good news is, half of our office is fighting off the same thing and most of them ended up resting at home for a day or two as well so I don't feel bad about taking a day to nap, have a hot bath, and snuggle with purring kitties.

The good thing about being able to breathe once again...this was the first morning of the season that I was able to see my breath when I was outside. It was lovely and made me realize, despite the few days of HOT (34C) weather we had recently, the trees will soon be bare, the wind will be cold, and the first few flakes will threaten to fall. Ah, that's heaven.

Only 64 days until Grey Cup... yippee.

I moved to a different floor in my office this week. My new cubicle is smaller but cozier than my last one. I no longer have to answer the reception phones (except to cover lunch 1 week out of every 5 or 6) and I am enjoying being able to get my work done without the constant interruptions I used to experience. A bit lonely now that I'm away from my homegirls but thank goodness for email and instant messaging!

Not much else is new. Still a bit tired. I'll try to write more soon...


Pokecheck said...

Your ability to breed, breathe, and/or pronounce either without a head full of snot are all wildly different things. Regardless,you sound enthusiastic so yay!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are going to get some interesting key word searches with that post title.

Glad to hear you are recuperating.

Candy Minx said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better. Colds=yuck.

Hey have you been by Alun's blog lately? Did you two meet when you went to U.K?

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