Just call me Captain Idiot

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I didn't get to see the game last night.

I left the house, ticket in hand. Boarded the bus, showing the ticket to the driver (it gets you a free ride on game nights).

I went to the bank.

I hopped on the train to the stadium.

I stood in line to get in.

I realized right before the gate that I no longer had my ticket.

I panicked.

I still could not find ticket.

I panicked some more and looked like a moron.

I realized I likely left ticket on the counter at the ATM.

I realized I'm an idiot.

I went home.

I called my coworker who was waiting for me to show up to say I was an idiot.

He laughed.

He said because they scan the tickets, I could have called him and he would have met me at the gate and they could have let me in.

I felt like an even bigger idiot. Eskimos ahead by 7.

I did not head back to the stadium.

I went to bed.

The Eskimos lost. 35-34. Dammit.

Watching the recap video this morning, it looks like it was a great game. Double Dammit.


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