Labour Day

Monday, September 07, 2009
I'm taking it easy this Labour Day weekend. Plenty of football on the telly. However, "taking it easy" doesn't mean just sitting on my ass, eating bonbons, chips and dip, and watching sports while wearing food stained jammies. Ok, perhaps there will be a little bit of that but that's not all. There's lots of cleaning to be done, a treadmill to be walked on and more knitting than I really want to think about.

As you can see from the picture on the left I finished off my second pair of Komi mittens. This is pattern #20 from the book Mostly Mittens. These little gems will be a Christmas present for one of my coworkers who recently moved here from the other side of the country. She's had a rough time since she arrived, starting with the reason for her move (a divorce), problems with her ADD teen son, etc etc. I figured she could use the pick me up so I wanted to get hers done asap. Unfortunately asap turned out to be not as quick as I had planned but they're finished nonetheless. The picture clearly demonstrates that my technique when it comes to double pointed needles and mult-colour knitting is not nearly as topnotch as I'd like - the puckering where you switch from one needle to the next didn't go away when I washed/blocked. I should have stretched it a bit more. I don't have the problem when using one colour. Grrrr. Hopefully the next pair will be a bit better.

I've been really focused on food lately. Not eating it but rather recipe searching, reading food blogs, looking at pictures. Not sure why exactly but I could spend hours looking at various dishes. Weird. However, this is good news for my self-imposed recipe challenge although the menu for September's meal might change. We'll see.

The Labour Day Classic between Edmonton and Calgary starts tonight at 5:30. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous. With the Riders' win yesterday against Winnipeg, they're tied with the Eskimos for the top spot in the west. Fingers crossed the Green'n'Gold can pull off another win tonight and once more pull into the lead. Eeeeeep!


Wandering Coyote said...

I am so impressed with your mittens! They are gorgeous!

Milla said...

Your mittens are wonderful!! Absoultely wonderful!

Heather said...

They look really nice! Congratulations!

The pucker will smooth out over time, too.

I suspect you're pulling the yarn a little too tightly when you move from one needle to the next. I've done that. It just takes time.

tweetey30 said...

We spent the Holiday weekend painting our house blue.. LOL Yes I said blue.. Come check it out when you get a minute. I love those mittens even though I dont knit or at least not anything special. I can crochet but havent found a great pattern for mittens yet.

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