Time for a new do...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
It's that time again. Yes, time to get some new hair. Wow, that really does sound odd, doesn't it? No wonder my friends give me weird looks when I say things like that. However, it is true. I'm looking at changing things up a bit...or perhaps a whole lot. I just don't know so I'd like your opinions.

First there's TressAllure's Jacqueline:

However, I'm concerned about it being too "mullet-like" in real life. On the left, there's the definate possibility of this happening - the sides look short with longer hair in back while the picture on the right looks like the layers flow together much better. Hmmmm. The good news is that it sounds as though it comes in the same colour as my current style. Score!

Next up, Henry Margu's Amanada:

It's nice, a longer style similar to what I currently have but I'm concerned about the flippiness of the hair (see how it kind of stands up and then flows down?) and what the bangs will be like in person. They're a bit thin. Not sure if they have a similar colour to my own.

And finally, there's Henry Margu's Jenna.

Somewhere deep inside me, I want this so bad. However, I'm concerned that it would be too much of a shock for folks around me, especially at work. Unclear about the colour choices, as with the previous one, and one friend I asked said the crown looked too high and wide and made her think of the 80s. Egads, really? Am I the only one who likes this?


Wandering Coyote said...

Don't worry about shocking people around you - this is your body and your hair, do what you want!

Seems like you have a lot of tough decisions ahead of you!

The pic on the top left does look a tad mullet-y to me. I like the one on the right better.

I don't know about the middle one, but my first though was that it does look very similar to the one you have now.

I like the Jenna, personally.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like the second one for you the most, but then I realised, as Wandering Coyote mentioned, it looks quite similar to what you wear now. I'm not a huge fan of the last one.

But it's what YOU feel most comfortable or happiest in.

Red said...

I like the first one best (esp the one on the left). The second is very similar to what you have now, so it would not be much of a change; the third is soooo 1980s! Like Melanie Griffith's hairdo in Working Girl. :)

Milla said...

I think the last hair style looks a bit too much like Lionel Ritchie's.

The one in the middle I like very much, but is similar to your hair now so if you want to change maybe you should go for something else (as long as it's not Lionel Ritchie).
The first two: I think the one on the right has a definite mullet style...

And your comment about getting new hair made me smile.

Have you ever thought about getting some very very short hair? Black or very dark in colour. With your blue eyes the contrast would be wonderful.

SME said...

I was a bit confused by this post at first because I missed the post about wigs, but now that I get it I like #1 a lot. The last one, to be honest, is pretty retro-looking. But it's your head and your life - have fun and do whatever you want!

P.S. My gran has alopecia and has been wearing wigs for over a decade, and the funny wig stories are priceless. She used to snowmobile a lot, and she'd keep her hair in a ziplock baggie inside her snowsuit.

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