Dang Nabbit

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
I don't like the new wig. I appreciate all the wonderful comments you've left but there are bang issues and the potential for bad things to happen should a strong wind and my head meet in a dark alley. The plan is to order a new one in the same colour and style that I currently have and then in the early spring I'll go to the boutique here in town and get a really nice one. Such is life. In the meantime, I'll call the local cancer society and see if I can donate it since it hasn't been worn.

PS: Zombieland was freakin' awesome! My friend and I were howling throughout the entire movie. I don't normally enjoy Woody Harrelson but he was fantastic. Go and see it!!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Sorry to hear this, but donating it is a GREAT idea! Someone will love it!

Milla said...


I think it's great that you thought about donating it.

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