F*cking Crap

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Note to everyone...do not operate a computer at 5 am unless you are completely conscious and aware of what you're doing.

This morning, I turned on my desktop. I have been trying to download some Microsoft (Bastards!) updates for the past few days but, because my computer is crap and Dell sucks donkey ass, it hasn't been working. Something popped up that looked just like a Microsoft product as it was doing stuff so I clicked ok, yes, go ahead, I'm a moron, or some other such button. Apparently I started to download something called SOFTSOLDIER. I am now getting popups saying my computer is infected every 45 - 60 seconds and it's frustrating. Turns out my computer is NOT infected, it's a ploy from the makers of this program to get you to buy something and for them to get your credit card info.

Now, there are plenty of instructions out there on how to remove it from your computer but here's the rub. I didn't complete the whole process and when I do a scan of my computer or search for the files that are supposedly part of this program...there is NOTHING there. I'm screwed. I've spent the better part of the past hour and 1/2 trying to figure out how to remove it or at least stop the popups. No luck. At this point I'm going to reset my computer to it's original settings after I email myself all your links, my favourite sites and the documents I've got saved on my hard drive. GRRRRRR!!!!

Forgive me if I'm absent for a while .... it could take me all day to get my computer back to normal.


Milla said...

Up at 5am on a Saturday??? You nuts?

Glad that the computer is safe.

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