Feeling Better

Sunday, October 04, 2009
Howdy everyone! Could it be true? Seriously? My dreaded cold has left me? I'm not about to make that declaration just yet but I am starting to feel better. Saturday was hellish though - tickle in my throat and a weird metallic taste everytime I'd try to cough. Gross. I was sure that I was about to lose my voice yesterday but I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and my throat was (mostly) clear. Fingers crossed that this continues tomorrow!

I've been having a good time in the kitchen this weekend. There was homemade pizza and when I say homemade, I mean dough AND sauce! There was also an attempt at making a Nigella Lawson recipe but I didn't like it. In other cooking/food related news, the Admiral and I won free groceries for a year while out shopping on Saturday!!!! Yippee! That means she can save up for her trip to Egypt and I can get a winter coat this year AND pay off the treadmill earlier than planned. Yippeee again!

Not much else going on. It's been delightfully chilly with the threat of snow hanging over us. The Oilers lost their season opener to their dreaded rivals, the Calgary Flames. The Eskimos lost their game to Winnipeg. Yes, you read that correctly, Winnipeg. Ah well, it's just one game, right.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Glad the bug is starting to loosen.

Homemade dough is one thing, homemade sauce is a whole new level of commitment. Well done.

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