Hostage Taking Update

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Yesterday, here in E-town, there was a hostage situation at the Workers Compensation Board. A man walked into the building around 8:30 in the morning with a rifle and took a number of employees hostage. The news was the talk of our office as we're a mere 4 or 5 blocks from the building where it was taking place. Additionally, a few of my coworkers had friends or family who work for the WCB and were in the building when it happened. I am happy to say that the man eventually surrendered peacefully and no one was injured. It really got everyone thinking in our office however as we often have members of the public walk in and try to talk to someone in our department, along with any number of couriers who are wandering the halls all day long. We administer a particular program where people can apply to access money tied up in various investment vehicles if they are having financial troubles. As a result the folks who try to come into our office are often very emotional. Thankfully, we have never had any serious problems but the potential is there. I'm guessing the subject of security will once again come up at our next meeting. Thanks to everyone for your concern yesterday. Everyone I know is safe and sound and were in no danger.


Gardenia said...

Glad everything is quiet. Security is becoming a big issue everywhere. The world is going crazy - er, I should say a lot of the inhabitants - seems increasingly so. The word security, sometimes, is a dirty word - I don't know if it is because it costs money, or if because sometimes it opens a big can of worms to be dealt with.
Anyway, glad you are safe.

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