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Saturday, October 31, 2009
Well, the Admiral is finally back from her vacation in LA/Vegas. She arrived home late last night after her plane was diverted to San Francisco - apparently Denver had a ton of snow and closed. That meant she had to spend almost the entire day in the San Fran airport. Ugh. Haven't had a chance to talk to her about the trip yet - she's still sleeping and I'll be letting her sleep in this morning. Stay tuned for pics (she borrowed my digital camera).

Two more Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this week. The first, a local Edmonton soldier, was only 10 days into his second tour and leaves behind a young child and wife. The second soldier killed, also from Edmonton, had been in Afghanistan less than a week. Sad doesn't begin to cover it. Perhaps the loss wouldn't feel so great if (a) we were accomplishing something over there, or (b) there was a solid reason for us to actually be there in the first place.

British Columbia have had a number of locations run out of the H1N1 vaccine. Ontario is scheduled to run out next week and Alberta is also on track to run out if the present demand continues. Considering that the government wants everyone to get vaccinated and there are only 5 locations in the city (which has a population close to 1 million people), yep...I'm going to say we'll run out soon.

Hey, did you know the Captain Cooks?


SME said...

Soldier deaths always depress me. Young people with their whole lives ahead of them, mostly. It seems such a complete waste for what little is being accomplished.

A cooking blog! And here I thought captains only knew how to make grog and goulash and nasty things like that! ;D

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