Blame the Lady

Saturday, November 07, 2009
I didn't win the $50 Million Lotto Max draw last night. I didn't win one of the 10 $1 million prizes either. Heck, I didn't even win a free ticket. I blame it on the lady bug. I was sitting here this morning checking my email, watching the news, and trying to wake up when I felt something under my mouse. I figured it was a piece of dirt, a crumb of food or, at the worst, something that had fallen off of one of the cats' paws. I lifted up the mouse to discover ... a lady bug. In November. Crawling across the arm of my chair. Without thinking, and going on sheer fright at the sight of a bug, I wacked it with my mouse until it was pulverized red and black dust. I stopped a few moments later when the thought suddenly hit me that having a lady bug in your house was, if I remembered correctly, good luck. Needless to say my hopes for winning the lottery flew out the window at that moment. Why oh why did it have to crawl so close to me? If I hadn't seen it...I'd be rich.


Gardenia said...

Awwwww - that lottery is always so elusive - reminds me, I should have bought a ticket tonight, now its too late. That lady bug was either lost - or truly your good luck.

sp said...

Boy, you didn't win, and the lady bug lost his/her life. What a bummer day for all.

Milla said...

Bad ladybug karma coming your way, sorry Karen.

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