Computers Suck

Sunday, November 01, 2009
I had to reset my computer to it's factory settings. Again. This is at least the second time since I've purchased the damn thing a year and 1/2 ago. Granted some of the problems it's been having are a result of me downloading the occaisional item that I probably shouldn't have or loading too much onto the hard drive. But really???? This is ridiculous. I've lost the majority of my favourite links (other than the ones I was able to save) along with movies and music, my resume (Oh how I hope I have an electronic copy at work), knitting patterns and ... gasp! Recipes.

Machines are supposed to be as smart as their users. Well, I'm a university graduate with a plethora of useless knowledge stored in my giant sized grey matter. So why is my machine so stupid???


SME said...

I hear ya. Every so often, mine spontaneously reverts to Mandarin while I'm typing.

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