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Sunday, November 08, 2009
I've started using the "Follow" feature on Blogger again but only for my food blog at this point. I realize this makes me seem quite 'behind the times' when it comes to various add ons and blog gadgets but I've had issues in the past. It seems that Blogger has worked out the problems it had previously where it made my Google Reader go completely beserk (or perhaps that was my fault and I did something weird). However, a number of folks I follow on a regular basis have made the switch to WordPress so the Follow feature makes no difference. A couple of times, I've considered making the switch myself but there are a number of features on WP that I'm just not happy with. First and foremost, you can't edit the html of any of their templates unless you pay a fee. I love that their templates look so much nicer and more professional than most of the Blogger templates but without the ability to personalize them and stretch the margins...I just can't do it.


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, I hear you about the HTML. I also really miss my side bar with all its stuff, but there in no Java allowed in WP, which is also really annoying.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've never bothered with the following feature and it just seems unnecessary to me. I'm also way too lazy to ever switch out of blogger.

mister anchovy said...

I still use following. I'm on blogger a lot anyway because I contribute to a couple blogger blogs. When I went over to WP, I thought, well maybe now I'll use Google Reader, but there was really no need to switch.

As for Word Press, I like it a lot. I like the dashboard. I like the look of the templates. I'm not concerned about messing with the templates. I really only did that on blogger because I didn't like the templates much at all. I also really like having the ability to add pages to my blog. I created an "about" page, and later, I may create some other pages as well. On WP I tried to find a laid-back neutral template that would let my content speak for itself. Down the road, it I tire of my template, I'll just choose another one. It's kind of like Dr. Who, isn't it? You can simply regenerate with a different look.

Heather said...

I have yet to make it to an RSS feed for my usual blog reading...I just use my bookmarks and the links on the side of my own blog.

tweetey30 said...

i am happy with my blogger. no switching for me right now.. i have the follow button but dont use it.. i am wondering why i have it sometimes..

Milla said...

I've nver used the follower gadget, cos when I had the stalker I switched off all kinds of feeds -the best thing I could do :)
And as for myself following other blogs... I only follow the shoe (not the gourd).

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