Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Yippee! The Admiral's mittens are finished! I made her mittens for Christmas last year as well. Hmmm, perhaps an annual tradition. A lot of people get new pyjamas on Christmas/Christmas eve. I'm thinking in our family it'll be Christmas mittens. I can't wait for the Niece and Nephew's hands to get bigger so I can make them each a pair too. Next year, it'll be mittens for Big Brother and Wife, and the Admiral of course. Perhaps, if I start early enough, I can make some for Dad and his missus.


Anonymous said...

As a , still, novice knitter, I am impressed. No idea how to make such a thing. Kudos.


Milla said...

Oh they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! And it's a beautiful colours combination too!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are really cute. My mom used to make me mittens, I think it's a lovely tradition.

sp said...

Those are beautiful! You're an amazing knitter, and once again you've inspired me to go further with my knitting. One day I hope to knit with as much skill as you. I'm in awe!

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