Fridays are for Doctors

Friday, November 06, 2009
This morning I'm off bright and early for my ultrasound. Going to check for gall stones. Now that's what you call sexy. Covered in gooey gel while getting zapped with an x-ray machine. Oh yeah baby, you know you want to try it. What this also means is that I haven't eaten since 6 o'clock last night and won't be able to ingest anything until 10ish this morning. Oh god, I'm hungry already. I can't even have water anymore - nothing, not even gum, for the three hours before my test. Quite different than the last ultrasound I had for my ovaries where I had to drink a litre of water an hour before the test and was forbidden to pee until it was all over with.
Results later today. I'm not expecting them to find anything - my guess is that the prognosis will be "stay away from the wine and you will be fine". Anyone want to place a bet that it's acid reflux?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hope it goes well. I always find the headache that comes with the cofee withdrawal to be the worst part of the fasting.

Candy Minx said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope you don't have them. Stagg has somethign up with his gall bladder...his recent face papralysis in TCM is associated with gall we cut out all caffeine, bad fats, wheat, sugar for about two weeks on the Acupuncture Doctors advice.

I hope this goes well...I bet you will enjoy your next meal!

Heather said...

It's sound waves, not xray. So never fear: you won't become a mutant. Or a zombie. :)

Good luck!

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