Marathon Update

Monday, November 30, 2009
After much debate, and not a little bit of disappointment, the Admiral, Auntie, and I have decided to cancel our marathon plans next summer. There are a number of issues involved, one of the main ones being that the Admiral, the Aunt and her entire family are heading east for a family wedding the Friday after the race. The Aunt’s step daughter is getting hitched and she wants the Aunt and her father there a few days ahead of time to help out with last minute items. If they come up here first for the race, things are going to be pretty tight, time-wise.

Additionally, given a recent flare-up of the arthritis in both my feet (probably assisted by the weird changes in weather and an attempt at running on the treadmill) and my knee issues (which are currently pretty good), I run a very good risk of (a) not finishing again, and (b) doing some serious damage to either part of my body. I’m still going to continue walking although I will not be following the marathon training. This makes me a bit sad but I’ve come to the realization I’ll likely never be a half marathon walker. I’m ok with that.


Heather said...

Better to care for your body than to wreck it in a marathon. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

You have to know and respect your body's limitations, Karen. Keep up the walking for sure because there are just so many benefits from it.

sp said...

A wise decision. Find the distance that works for you and go for that. That way you'll always have fun and won't be stressing your body.

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