Moving Time

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Sometimes work can be frustrating. In the almost four years I've been with my current employer, I've had three different desks. And I'm about to have a fourth. Yes, I'm moving locations yet again. The most recent move, two months ago, just isn't working given my current duties. Since I liaise (my word of the day) with a number of other areas, I'm often found wandering the halls of our building throughout the day. Combined with covering for people on vacation, sick days (too many sick people in our office these days), and family emergencies, I'm never at my "new desk". So, I approached one of my three supervisors (don't ask, it's complicated) with the possibility of moving back to the desk I had previously. She completely agreed (yay!) and we approached my boss with the idea. Thankfully, I work for some pretty understanding people and they gave me the go-ahead to start shuffling my things back to our area's main location.

The other admin girls in the group are very excited about me returning and I have to say that I'm secretly stoked! While I enjoyed the quiet and lack of interruption on the floor above, it was lonely and my three and 1/2 walled cubicle felt claustrophobic. Sure I won't have "down time" to check my email or read the news online like I've enjoyed occasionally over the past few weeks but it'll be nice to back amongst the other sheep.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Do you have a lot of stuff to move? Are there any lovely office boys to give you a hand?

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