Sunday Dinner

Sunday, November 01, 2009
Not much to report. Halloween has come and gone. Zombie movies were watched, the Yankees won game 3 of the World series (dang), the Eskimos beat Toronto (playoff hopes still alive), and there's still no snow (the stuff that fell in early October has long since melted). Sigh. Sundays are a bit of a downer, aren't they? For me, they mean, cleaning and chores, getting back into "work" mode, and a sad realization that the weekend is over. Since I lost all my recipe links, I resorted to leftovers for dinner. Damn, I'm a genius even with the bits and bobs left in the fridge from the previous week's meals. Baked rotini with asiago cheese and a salad with spring mix, carrots, cucumbers and radishes topped with a tomato vinagrette (bottled, not homemade). There's a giant full moon outside my window - that means we're going to get some interesting phone calls this week. Oh yay.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Leftovers are great! I could live on leftovers.

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