Thursday, November 12, 2009
Training is going relatively well. I haven’t been super-diligent with my knee stretches but I have done the walking each and every day it’s told me I need to do it. And I’m doing the full time it’s asking for. Not difficult when it tells you to walk for … get this … 15 minutes. I could probably have skipped the 5K walk training program altogether since I can walk a 5K already. However, it gets me into the habit of walking on my training days, even if it’s only for a short time. I’d like to start doing my Sunday longer walks outside and perhaps even start some hill training now rather than wait until it’s icy and I slide down the hill rather than walk.

Other than that, not a whole to report. Take it easy.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been walking a lot more lately as well, as I am getting really bored with exercising in the basement, after 5 years of doing the same thing. It's lovely when there is no snow!

sp said...

Keep on walking. you're doing great. Good point about the 5 k getting you into the habit of walking. That's an important part of training that I often forget.

nwtrunner said...

Karen - have you tried "Get A Grips" that go over your runnings hoes and have metal spikes that are just the bees knees for running/walking on ice and snow? I've been using them last couple of years and now wouldn't run outside in winter without them, particularly on hills. They are just fantastic and make winter running much more enjoyable, which it already was, but now it's bettererer!

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