Who knew an owl could take out a lion?

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Eastern conference CFL final today (Western conference to come later). Only a few minutes into the second quarter and Montreal is walking all over BC: 24 - 3. Ouch for Lions' fans. Yippee for those of us cheering on the Als.


nwtrunner said...

Karen - I hear ya on this one. Even as an Eskimos fan like yerself, I'm dead against the 'cross over' thing that CFL is doing. BC and Edmonton should NOT be in the Eastern Final. Just wrong. So, although I always root for western teams over eastern, here's to the Als winning this and taking their place against Saskatchewan in Calgary next week! Looking forward to the Stampeders-Riders game big time!!

Captain Karen said...

NWT: You're assuming that the Riders are going to beat the Stamps. You'd fit in well in my office; half of our employees are die-hard riders fans, a quarter are esks fans, and the rest just don't care.

I still haven't decided who to cheer for. Whomever wins, I'll be pretty happy. I'm thinking that the Western final is probably going to be the best game of the playoffs.

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