Sunday, December 13, 2009's cold. And I love it. Woke up yesterday morning, it was -32C. Before the windchill. You know what that means don't you? Time to head outside. Yes, the Admiral and I braved the temps and went grocery shopping. Actually we went to (1) the post office, (2) Ricki's for breakfast (and saw Bryan Hall, voice of the Edmonton Eskimos), and then (3) grocery shopping. After spending all morning doing all this running around, I went out again. Had to get more yarn (starting on the 2010 Christmas mittens) and pick up a couple of things at the mall, including some wool socks.

This morning? It's currently -34C. WOO HOOOO!!!! I'm still loving it! However, today I'm spending the door inside, in my nice warm jammies, snuggling up with the kittehs who are pissed off that it's too cold for them to go out on the balcony.

How are you braving the cold weather? Or is it even cold where you are?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh it's cold. I am hibernating. Decorating the tree and the mantle, wrapping presents, and only going out to shovel.

Heather said...

I'm indoors, too - but I sure do like looking outside at the frozen vista!

Wandering Coyote said...

Karen, sometimes I really wonder about you! You love -32C? That is just crazy!

How am I coping? Well, I'm complaining a lot for one thing!

Actually, it's only -11 this morning!

sp said...

Okay, it's cold here, but not that cold! I'm doing what you're doing; I'm braving the cold weather. The important thing for me is to dress for it, and then I'm brave enough to be in it. I get some sort of joy layering myself with clothes, trying to find the perfect combination for that day's weather. I love a challenge.

Milla said...

It's quite cold in London too -they have predicted snow on Wednesday. Hopefully it's not the 'wrong' kind of snow, cos I don't want the Tube to grind to a halt!

P.S. -32C would kill the enamel of my teeth.

nwtrunner said...

-35 here this morning, but that's not unusual for us in Dec-Jan. Beats -45. And we know that's coming... Usually New Year's Eve..

and you saw Bryan Hall, eh? Wasn't this past year his last?

I love -30s too - great for running, skiing, and just generally for feeling ALIVE!!

Good for you guys getting out there and doing stuff! Too many folk just sit inside and moan about the cold. WE ARE CANADIAN, non?!

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