The Dad Update

Friday, December 18, 2009
He's alive.


Now I can relax and get a decent night's sleep.

The angiogram went well, I suppose. The damage and blockage however was far more extensive than they had originally anticipated and I'm guessing he's pretty lucky he only had a "mild" heart attack. He ended up having four stents put in on one side, all in a row thanks to a massive block, and one on the other side of his body. To put this in perspective, my uncle Roy had to experience two angiograms and a bypass in order to reach that number. Yep, I'd say pretty damned lucky Dad.

I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to the folks at the Mazankowski Heart Institute (located at the University of Alberta Hospital) here in Edmonton. I'm also never happier to live in Canada and have "free" healthcare.

They kept him in overnight to keep an eye on him due to the amount of work they had to do. As a result, they said they would not send him back to Cold Lake via ambulance. I don't really understand that considering they told him he had to stay but whatever. My stepmother and stepsister (and new baby boy) drove in this morning and picked him up from the hospital. That meant they could spend a few hours with us today rather than attempting a return trip on Monday.

Not surprisingly, he's wicked tired for now and spent most of the time at Big Brothers sleeping, sitting down or looking like he might fall over. He ate a small sandwich, the first thing he's eaten in days, and sure enough it made him sneeze (family quirk...something about our noses, eating and sneezing...Christmas is a joy!). You could have heard a pin drop as we all stared at my father. He said he's ok (he's always ok or fine!) but you could see if wasn' say the least.

They've got him on a handful of horsepills, including baby aspirin, nitro, blood thinners and something for his blood pressure (I think). It sounds like he'll recover although his job is now questionable and driving might be out of the question. It seems that once you have a heart attack, its damn near impossible (or out of this world expensive if you can even get covered) to find an insurance company who'll insure you. Dad not drive? You must be mad.

I tried to get the stepmom to take a picture of the family but her hands are a bit shaky and my camera's tempermental. Here's what we ended up with after the first try where Big Brother gave me a "wet willy".

And finally, tried to get a shot of daddikins and me but forgot I had the flash on. The red-eye reduction blinded him first, so he turned away and we ended up with an odd shot. However, I love it. The fact that I'm able to take a picture of him at all brings me more holiday joy than I can describe. So what if he's not looking at the camera and I look like I'm high on something. It's a happy happy Christmas for the Captain and her family.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I am so glad all is well! My dad takes a whack of pills now too, after his stent and angina drama a couple of years ago.

Nice to get some shots of you with your dad & brother and I'm glad you were able to have a bit of a visit, too!

My best wishes to you all this Christmas!

Gardenia said...

I am sorry I haven't checked in more often! This has been a very traumatic event for you - and your family! My thoughts will be with you.

It sounds as if he had to have one, this was the time to do it though, in order to avert even worse disaster should it have gone on.

My mother had a mild one, which no one even knew about until she had that surgery last summer and they did a nuclear test on her.

Your dad will have quite a journey ahead of him learning to eat differently, begin moderate exercise, etc., etc., etc., Here's hoping he'll find mercy with his job. It takes a while to recuperate from these things, but some employers will work with a person. I don't know how many people employed with his company, but check into the FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act, and do it soon - as there is a time limit.

Big Brother looks like a cutie! Hope, despite this, you all have a good Christmas. The bottom line is you all have each other for a while longer - and that indeed is a gift!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm so glad to hear that your dad is recovering well, despite having such a big blockage. He was very lucky indeed and he is lucky to have such a supportive family.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

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