Happy Holidays to you and Yours

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Yes, I'm one of those folks you say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas (for the most part) at this time of year. While I personally celebrate a non-religious form of Christmas (I am an atheist...sorry mom, sorry Nana, sorry baby Jeebus), I know that there are a growing number of folks out there who don't. The world is filled with Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and a number of other religions - I'm not going to assume that everyone celebrates the same holidays that I do. So...I say happy holidays. It is fairly generic and even if your particular religion doesn't have a major holiday at this time of year, chances are your place of business shuts down for a day or two and you get some time off. Which is a holiday.

Moving on...

I was up bright and early as usual today. Not because I had to but because that's just what I do. By 7 a.m., I had made dip for veggies, cranberry sauce, a bunch of homemade pita chips, and started organizing ingredients for a red velvet cake. Since we're once again hosting the annual family Christmas Eve dinner, I have a lot to do today. Still on my list: vacuum/sweep the entire apartment, chop veggies, chop garlic sausage and cheese, and straighten up living room. Mom is heading out to get last minute groceries later this morning and will help clean up when she gets back. This year, along with Big Brother and family, my brother in law and his girlfriend may be joining us. We've also decided to exchange our family gifts when they get here so we don't have to head over to Big Brother's place too early tomorrow.

Once they leave and we once again clean up, it'll be time to put the presents out (mom and I will exchange gifts tomorrow) and try to sleep. It'll be difficult knowing some fat guy will be breaking into our apartment overnight and eating our food before leaving us gifts. That's just plain kinky. Tomorrow morning, I'll be making breakfast for the two of us and the kittehs. The menu for this year is french toast and sausage with a side of fruit (probably oranges/bananas). The day will be spent relaxing and probably watching a movie before heading over to join the family for turkey. Mmmmm, turkey. I'll also be calling dad to wish him a Merry Christmas and to see how he's doing.

Finally, boxing day. My friend, Ms Jenny Jenn Poo Poo Pants, will be joining mom and I at an early matinee of Sherlock Holmes. Then, I get to finally relax while Mom makes a roast chicken for the two of us and we have our own poultry feast. We'll end up spending the evening watching movies or hockey on CBC since it IS Saturday. Every good Canadian knows that's hockey night in Canada...

How are you spending your holiday (whatever that might mean to you)?


Pokecheck said...

Sounds like a nice holiday you have planned there Cap'n. I'll be heading to my brother's house to hang with him and his brood tonight. There will be lots of eating tomorrow, followed by me going to work at 7 that night. Hooray.

(And it's none of my business, but the "my brother in law and his girlfriend" line kinda jumped out. If he's your BIL, isn't he, by definition, married to your sibling?)

Milla said...

Happy holidays from Italy!!

Buon Natale (oggi) ed auguri per e festività!

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