Friday, January 29, 2010
I took today off of work to relax. Since I had the whole day, I decided to try another recipe out of Laura Calder's French Taste. And seeing as I love tomatoes, onions, and pizza, I settled on her recipe for pissaladiere. According to the blurb above the recipe, she claimed it was a "Provencal rendition of a pizza". I thought she was on crack. So, like the good little blogger that I am, I decided to look on Flickr.

Um...yeah...so, I'd like to extend my hearfelt apologizes to Ms. Calder and regret any inference that she might be on taking heavy duty narcotics. Pissaladiere is, in fact, a real dish. Give me a break, ok? I thought maybe she was trying to make a tomato tart sound overly fancy. My bad.

Daring adventurer/archaeologist and third cousin, twice removed, Alberta Jones, dropped in unexpectedly. Good thing I was cooking! He brought his appetite, and a gun (everyone in Alberta carries a gun...it's the Texas of Canada) in case any pissaladiere rustlers tried to poach some of our pie.

Unfortunately, in his attempt to offer a helping hand, he fell down a cliff and into a soft, flour-like material. Oh no! Sensing fresh lego-meat, the evil yeasty-egg monster edged closer and closer, hoping for an early lunch. Will our dashing, mustachioed hero make it out of the bowl alive? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode...!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away - I must remember this is not some 1930s-era adventure series. Never fear, our intrepid hero made it out of the bowl alive and only a little worse for wear. And no that is not the aforementioned crack covering him, its the flour from the dough....

How can you tell that Alberta Jones is indeed a relative of mine? Well, other than the strong physical resemblance, he LOVES tomatoes...

...and onions.

Put them together on bread and you've got heaven on a plate, my friends.

Now, I decided to top mine with a smidge of grated parmesan cheese that I had in the fridge...just a touch. Gotta watch the salt and calories you know. The cheese went on after the whole thing was finished cooking - I wanted it to be just slightly melted when it came time to dig in.

The smell was divine! WOW!

The verdict? It was a touch onion-y and not quite tomatoe-y enough. I'll have to add more tomatoes next time around. And, it seems that my yeast must have been old because my dough did not "double in size" as the recipe said it would - as a result I overcooked the crust. Damn. Overall though, I thought it very nice. A light snack or appetizer.


Wandering Coyote said...

LOL! You'd never heard of pissaladiere, eh? Wow. The recipe I have calls for anchovies, too.

Captain Karen said...

This one called for anchovies and olives (ugh and double ugh!). I wasn't about to include either.

Wandering Coyote said...


word verification = tride

Milla said...

Look at the little fella!
We share the same shape in the mustache, him and me.

Hm, if the base of this 'pizza' was thicker, wouldn't it be a little like focaccia with tomaotes and onions? Or am I barking mad?

Chris said...

So you kill your food blog and what's the first thing you do here? (ha ha, just pulling your chain)

LMAO over the Lego dude. Don't those feel sooooo good when you step on them barefoot in the middle of the night when getting up to use the bathroom?

sp said...

Best cooking adventure I've seen.

Anonymous said...

You should really look into becoming a professional food photographer. Your pics are truly amazing!

S.M. Elliott said...

That's one daring little dude, flying without a helmet. ;D
But then I don't think a crash would do him any harm. I mean if stepping on his kind 50 times in the middle of the night doesn't affect them at all, he's prob'ly safe.

I, too, would have thought pissaladiere was a tarted-up tart (with an awful name, too). See, this is why bloggers are so vital to society. We enlighten each other all the time!

Kasia said...

Wow that looks good! Phew! Good thing Alberta Jones got out alive.

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