Three Sheets to the Wind

Saturday, January 09, 2010
Is there anything better than crisp new sheets and brand new plump pillows? I figured the perfect way to start the new year off fresh was with some new bedding. So, bright and early this morning (think 7:30am!), Mom and I headed off Zellers to go shopping. We each came home with a new set of sheets (mine, a lovely mint green; hers, a patterned white set with some green mixed in) and two new pillows. First thing I did after kicking off my shoes and hanging up my coat was throw the sheets in the laundry. Out they came, smelling lovely and nicely warmed from the dryer. I can't wait to slip beneath the covers tonight and enjoy my new bedding. Sigh. I love new sheets. The cats apparently do too. They jumped on the bed, as usual, but rather than playing they curled up and went to sleep. Perhaps it wasn't the new might have been the warmth from the dryer.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love new sheets too! Good idea throwing them in the dryer first,

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