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Friday, February 12, 2010
I had my first visit with my family doctor following dad's heart attack in December. The news? Well, I'm not about to die anytime soon (fingers crossed) but the prognosis if I carry on as I currently am...not promising.

I have to say first off that I love my doctor but then you guys all know that. We laughed, repeatedly, throughout a not so comfortable discussion about my (and my family's) heart health; he was genuinely concerned about how my dad is doing now; and the biggest thing of all ... he LISTENS. Doc H wasn't shocked by the pages of family history I brought in with me to the exam room; I usually have some sort of list with my questions/concerns on it at every visit. He was, however, quite shocked as I started reading off the history of heart attacks and strokes in my dad's family. Dad's older brother - heart attack early 40s, stroke. Dad's younger brother - heart attack, early 50s. Dad's younger sister - 2 heart attacks, first in early 50s. My male cousin - heart attack, early 40s. Both grandparents - congenital heart failure (brought on by other serious health issues). Dad's heart attack in his early 60s was inevitable but thanks to his relatively healthy lifestyle (thanks to a life in the military) postponed in far longer than his siblings. The chemo and radiation therapy to combat the Hodgkins Lymphoma he had a few years ago likely weakend him to such a point that he could not keep the ticker troubles at bay any longer. Combined with my own early onset high bloodpressure which we now believe comes more from dad's side than mom's, the family's heart problems don't spell good news for this captain's future heart health.

My cholesterol, 2 years ago, was not bad but not great. The goal for now is to get some more bloodwork done and check my cholesterol again. Then, Doc H is contacting one of the nutritionists in the same clinic and hook me up. The idea is to change some of my unhealthy dietary habits (i.e., Coke) and control what we can, and hopefully bringing my weight down a bit. The good news? My blood pressure meds are still working wonderfully and my BP is steady and absolutely normal. Once I hear about the results of the blood tests (if anything's abnormal) I'll blog more about it. I'm also going to blog about the nutritionist sessions (either group sessions or a combo of group/one on ones) and track my progress.

Considering Sunday is Valentine's today, it seems appropriate to be talking heart health, no?


tweetey30 said...

I havent been feelingto well so its hard to think of anything. food or chocolate... hope you can keep the old ticker healthy for a long time...

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so glad you have an excellent doctor like Doc H.

Milla said...

I have read this post twice now, and it is so amazing to me that you can talk like that to your doctor.

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