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Saturday, February 27, 2010
That didn't take long. No need for you to fret. I'm putting together my weekly shopping list, trying to figure out what I'm going to eat this week - lunches and suppers. This week I'm feeling very anti-meat and have been looking at various veggie and vegan recipes trying to sort out my menu.

Perhaps its just me but the majority of "vegetarian" or vegan recipes I've encountered, both online and in my veggie cookbooks, seem to have either (1) nuts or nut flour, (2) mushrooms, and/or (3) tofu/seitan. A bit of a problem when you either can't eat or don't like any of them. Grrrr. I'm perfectly happy to fill myself full of beans (except the black ones...they taste funny) and I'm totally craving spinach, something I never thought I'd say. However, I am not a fan of faux-meats although Veggie Patch makes a pretty good "chicken" nugget. I have a reaction to walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts so I avoid nuts altogether if I can. And you all know I can stand the vile fungus.

After much debate and searching though, I've decided on a large batch of ratatouille which I'll be trying for the first time and serving with couscous (hopefully I can find eggplant this time, and if I can, it won't be the size of a small child), a veggie soup with beans, and I'm going to attempt some crispy cajun chickpea cakes.

Yesterday, I gave up a number of bodily fluids at the medical lab. Fingers crossed the doctor's office DOESN'T call...that'll mean everything's hunky-dory. The nutritionist hasn't called yet but I'll give them a full month before I call my doctor back to check. Dad's still doing well and I'll get to see him on next Saturday (the 6th) as the family is coming into town to celebrate Big Brother's big 40th birthday.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those chickpea cakes look great! I have been craving falafels like mad lately and will be alone for 10 days, so will be free to make all those things nobody else likes.

Chris said...

Vegetari-what? ;)

Milla said...

I love ratatuille and couscous even more. I'll come over to your house!

vu/34mp4 said...


sp said...

Mmmm ratatouille. Great choice.

Whenever I encounter a recipe with something I either don't like, or don't have on hand, I just sub something else. This would work as long as it's not the main ingredient, or the ingredient that holds it all together.

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