98. Terminal Freeze (Lincoln Child)

Monday, March 29, 2010
On an abandoned army base deep within the Arctic circle, a small group of scientists are conducting research on the effects of climate change. Working in the shadow of a rapidly retreating glacier, the team makes a unexpected discovery in a nearby cave - a prehistoric animal buried in the ice. When their financial backers, a documentary film channel, gets word of the find, they immediately send a film crew to the location. Rather than document the scientists' work, the shoot quickly turns into a docu-drama where the filmmakers are more interested in wowing the audience than scientific advancement. On this film set though, not everyone listens to the director.

Plans to defrost the creature during a live broadcast go amiss when the ice melts prematurely and the body disappears. The filmmakers believe it to be a simple case of sabotage... until one of their own is discovered dead and they discover that the creature is alive. A seemingly perfect killing machine, the creature is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Everyone except a local shaman who once worked at the base during the cold war. The film crew and the scientists ignored his earlier warnings. Now that they're being picked off, one by one, it might just be too late.

When I first picked up Terminal Freeze, I was sure it was going to be a major literary cheese-fest. I was pleasently surprised - the book was fast paced and full of action. And although it uses climate change as part of the plot, its not preachy.


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