Animal Free Circus?

Saturday, March 13, 2010
The Shrine Circus is in town for it's annual visit. Sigh. I don't remember going to the circus even as a child, and I'm certainly not about to start anytime soon. Lonely animals in small cages, forced to do tricks for our "enjoyment". Why? We don't keep the clowns in cages but they perform tricks for us... (oh, how much better I'd feel if clowns were locked away). I hope the Shriners get rid of their animal acts and focus on a cruelty free show - magicians, acrobats, and other human acts - there's no need to include animals in their shows.

You can contact the Shriner's by e-mailing them and letting them know how you feel too.


Milla said...

Ah, I agree with you -except for the bit about locking up the clowns.

I can't stand the circus with animals, even as a child I always hated it. And in this day and age it is SO UNNECESSARY to lock animals up for people's enjoyments, or for any reason. I am also again safaris and the like.
I would however love to go whale watching -in the ocean only!!

sp said...

Let's not forget how these animals are trained to do all of those tricks with whips, bull hooks, and electric prods. Isn't that fun for the kiddies?

Lock up the trainers.

sp said...

P.S. the link didn't work for me.

Captain Karen said...

Milla: its only because clowns (the typical North American, red nosed, face painted, baggy pants types)scare the bejeebus out of me. I had a friend from Italy when I was in University who also worked as a clown. Not the same thing - I wouldn't lock up those types!

SP: I sent you an email with the email link I used (to your yahoooooo).

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