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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much is that I've been catching up on DVD's that I've missed over the past while (i.e. years....!) Here's a sampling of what I've watched recently:

Capitalism: A love story
I loves me some Michael Moore. While not the best documentary film maker, he's managed to make films that appeal to a wide audience and about subjects that are important to most people: Healthcare, the Economy,etc. However, his latest, much-anticipated offering put me right to sleep. Literally. I don't fall asleep during movies but I had trouble keeping my eyes open.

Recommended (repeatedly) by Red and *Asterisk, I had avoided this HBO series because...um...I'm not really sure why. I wish that I had taken their advice and watched it sooner. This prison based drama is fantastic. I admit that I have my issues with it - the spinning wheelchair of the narrator, Agustus Hill, and the first season was, at times, a bit uncomfortable to watch (hey...it's prison) but I soon became hooked. Damn them though for killing off one of the best characters in the first episode.

The Wire
Another recommendation from the AsteReds. Another one I failed to follow until recently. From the makers of Homicide: Life on the Streets and Oz, The Wire is (not surprisingly) set in Baltimore. A group of misfit cops take on gangs, organized crime, and just about everything else the seedy side of the street can throw at them. Another HBO offering, it's gritty and violent and I am loving it. If you haven't caught the Wire yet, go out and rent it now. Do it! Don't wait!

Das Boot
For years, I've been wanting to watch this film about German U-Boats. I finally nabbed a copy from the local library and sat down eagerly to watch it. I made it halfway through and turned it off. Sigh. It wasn't a bad film, it was very well done. You could practically smell the diesel and sweat; not a movie for the easily claustrophobic. However, it just didn't grab me. There was no action. No meat. Nothing. After an hour and 1/2, I was bored. The only thing that kept me going that long was the presence of Jurgen Prochnow. I'm sure I should have stuck it out and watched the rest of it but I just couldn't do it. Someday.

There Will Be Blood
I avoided this movie like the plague when it came out. You see, I pretty much can't stand Daniel Day Lewis. Stop your booing. He's just one of those actors that every one else seems to love but makes my skin crawl everytime I see him. The last film I remember watching with him, and enjoying, was In the Name of the Father and I had to struggle to watch him on screen. Despite the catchy quotes ("I will drink your milkshake!"), I had no interest in watching 2 1/2 hours of DDL but finally buckled and figured I'd see what all the fuss is about. I have to admit, I was pleasently surprised. Following the rise of oilman Daniel Plainview, it's a really enjoyable film. However, it wasn't DDL that did it for me. I'll admit, I thought he did a fine job and it wasn't a chore to watch him for once, the real standout for me was Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) as the reverend Eli Sunday. You might think I've lost my mind but I'm recommending a DDL movie - definately worth watching. Although if you're excited to see the Milkshake quote, you might be disappointed. DRAINAGE!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Paul Dano was pretty spectacular in TWBB.

I have actually been having DVD's too! Which is noteworthy because I don't normally watch tv. Arrested Development for me, which I know you didn't care for, but which I love.

Wandering Coyote said...

There Will Be Blood was very good, I thought. I have not seen Oz or The Wire...I am way too invested in too many TV series right now...I'm not sure I want to pick up any more. At least until after LOST is over...

Milla said...

Hmmm I was going to watch Capitalism at the week-end, but if YOU had troubles keeping your eyes open... will there be any hope for me?

I have watched Das Boot many times! I like it a lot, it is funny and moving at the same time. And it has one of the best lines:
'I cannot navigate on BANANAS!!'

word verification: 'jacal'

* (asterisk) said...

Das Boot is one that I have long wanted to watch but have never quite managed to get around to -- even when it was sitting on my DVR for months on end. I eventually deleted it to free up some space.

Oz, The Wire: of course they are great. And what's fab about both is that you really never know who might die next. It could be anyone, even those with top billing.

TWBB was awesome, I thought. I'm another "DDL is just okay" kinda guy, but he was great in that. For me, better than Dano, who was good but not as memorable as DDL by a long shot. Maybe a second viewing will change my mind on that...

sp said...

I loved Oz and the Wire! They are fantastic series. Savour them because there is nothing else out therelike them.

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