Wednesday, March 10, 2010
So I thought I’d give everyone an update on the first three days. Its not been easy but it hasn’t been as rough as I figured it would be either.

First up, soda. I don’t miss it. Ok, that’s a bit of a lie; I miss it a little bit. However, I haven’t been waking up in the morning with my first thought being “Man, I need a shot of Coke”. It surprised me that that feeling disappeared so quickly. Giving up soda has been the easiest part of the whole experience so far (yes, I realize it’s only been three days). I will be allowing myself one soda this week – I’m going to the movies on Friday afternoon. The movies just aren’t the movies without popcorn and soda and its one thing I refuse to give up. Considering I don’t go to the theatre that often, I figure I can allow myself the luxury now and again. Who would have thought I’d start craving water now instead of bubbly, fizzy, sugary goodness?

Secondly, exercise. When I had my appointment with the dietician, she said I was currently doing the bare minimum amount of exercise with my morning and afternoon commutes. I had to up it by at least another 10 minutes. Being the smart ass I am, I said that I would just walk slower… That didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped. Instead, I ended up buying a pedometer and attaching it to my waistband as I head out the door each morning. I should be doing about 10,000 steps a day. Day 1? 7800 and that was with 10 minutes on the treadmill. Day 2? 11300, with 20 minutes on the treadmill and a short trip to the library. And those treadmill sessions? They’ve been taking place at 7ish each evening. A time when I would normally be getting ready for bed. To be fair, I don’t think the pedometers are extremely accurate but it’s a good way to gauge what I’m doing. While I sit at a desk most of the day, I reach, bend, roll, and stretch in all sorts of directions and poses throughout my workday and if the pedometer moves, it’s registering a step. My goal is to do 15000 every day by the end of week 2.

Finally, food. This is my problem area. To start with, the amount of food the Canada Food Guide expects me to eat? That’s just way too much for me. The first day was such a struggle that part of me wanted to give up. Day 2 was a bit better but I wasn’t going to force myself to eat more than was comfortable. My plan is to follow the guide as best I can, upping my veggie intake, and making healthier choices. Which leads me to my first … ahem … confession. My eating schedule got wonked yesterday so that I barely ate my lunch due to feeling full from a snack which resulted in feeling terribly hungry by the end of the day. On my way home from the library, I stopped at Subway and grabbed a salami sub. Not the smartest thing but I did pile on more than my usual veggies and got it on wheat instead of white. NO POP. On Monday, I had an interesting little food-related incident. For a snack I had some yoghurt; a brand I had eaten many times before (but not for about a month or so). An hour later, I felt sick to my stomach. This went away after lunch but by the time I got back to my desk, both of my hands were uncontrollably itchy. It continued all afternoon and didn’t go away until bed time. By dinner time, my knees and my inner arm were also itching. Yeah, I’ll be avoiding yoghurt for a while I think…So, there you go. Getting it done


mister anchovy said...

I've lost 58 lbs since Thanksgiving, and strangely enough I didn't have a hard time with it. The biggest thing for me was planning and shopping...loading the house with healthy foods and getting used to upping my veggie portions. I eat breakfast religiously now...cereal and berries with milk and a coffee. I have some no-fat yogourt in the morning at work, and a couple fruits at lunch along with a bit of meat or cheese or an egg and some melba toast. For dinner, I eat well but I avoid pasta and rice and bread, except maybe once each week.

I wish you best success.

Wandering Coyote said...

I have to say, I think the Canada Food Guide is a crock of shit. First of all, yes, it is A LOT of food, and secondly, if you follow it, it's expensive. There is actually a lot of politics involved in the CFG...Grain lobbying, dairy lobbying, lobbying in general. Also, dieticians are always going to give you the CFG because that is how they are trained. There is a bias there.

I think you know what you need to do in order to succeed! This isn't about the CFG - this is about making smart choices! You are smart and I know you can do this!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

See, that's why you are so much smarter than me. You know after one incident with youghurt that you need to avoid it. It took me three bouts of violent illness to figure out I had developed a reaction to squid.

Keep at it!

Milla said...

If you take it 3 days at a time, you'll make it ;-D
Great news about the coke!! You don't need that crapola in your body. You don't need any kind of soda, in fact.

Heather said...

Hmm. See, I'm of the 'it's okay to have coke some of the time' mind. Moderation and whatnot.

Also I cannot wean myself from popcorn and dill pickle popcorn salt. So it's a once a week affair. :)

Sounds like it's going well for you, though! Congratulations!

(just don't eat the cornbread.)

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