The Best Part of Monday

Monday, April 12, 2010
Things are wicked super busy at work lately and today was no exception. The rest of the week promises more of the same...I actually took work home with me today since I can't find the time during the day to get it done at my desk. However, all was not misery and despair. Mom called this morning to let me know that a parcel was waiting for me. Woo hoo! I was expecting a delivery from both Amazon and Chapters but it was neither of them. To my surprise, the package was from Red and *Asterisk! Now, to be fair, I was expecting this but it should have arrived a few weeks ago. All of us had given up hope that it would find it's way to my little corner of Canada.

Sure enough, there it was waiting in the office when I got home from work. On top of that, my Amazon parcel had also arrived that afternoon. You'd think it was Christmas!

The Amazon parcel was season 4 of OZ, an HBO series that I was reluctant to watch but once I started, I fell in love with it. Season 2 is coming via Chapters and I already have seasons 1 and 6. I just need to find a good deal on seasons 3 and 5 and it will be complete! The parcel from the AsteReds? Oh, they certainly know how to spoil a girl: a DVD entitled "Pratchett and Canterbury" (if I remember correctly it's a documentary on Canterbury featuring Terry Pratchett of Discworld fame but I'm not positive); a rulers ruler listing all the monarchs of England; some Twinnings mint tea (mmmmmmm) and some other tea which I think is Roiboos; The Death Zone, a book on Everest (man oh man, these folks know me!); and a somewhat slightly smushed box of my beloved Jaffa Cakes.

I feel very spoiled! Thank you thank you thank you!


Wandering Coyote said...

Jaffa cakes FTW!!!!!!!!!

S.M. Elliott said...

That IS a good Monday! Usually the best thing about Monday is that it eventually gives way to Tuesday.

Forgive my ignorance, but just what are Jaffa Cakes?

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