Hockey Night in Canada

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
This is the best time of year for hockey fans: Playoff Season. Just about everything other than hockey is ignored and anything that remains is decided by a best of 7 series. The beer flows freely, vast numbers of chickens are suddenly wingless, men (and some women) grow whatever facial hair they can muster, and Canadians across this great land of ours wear hockey jerseys (or sweaters depending on your linguistic preference) to work.

This is no different here in Edmonton despite the fact that our hometown Oilers (this season's WORST team in the entire league) didn't even come close to making the playoffs. With the exception of the few remaining episodes of Lost, the Stanley Cup playoffs have taken over television. In fact, it seems Lost, the playoffs, and the lack of rain (until today) are the only things being discussed at work. Well, along with work stuff, 'natch. Yeah, um-hmm. Sure.

The first round is just about over (which means there is still over a month left of playoffs...) with the final game in the round of sixteen being played as I type. Montreal is in Washington and I'm hoping they can turn Ovechkin and the Capitals into small letters. Get it? I know, fairly lame. So far, no score with 3 minutes left in the first period. In other first round news, Detroit beat a surprisingly good Phoenix team, the Sharks survived the Avalanche, the Bruins beat the Sabres, the Phillies were all over the Devils, Vancouver (go Luongo!) dethroned the Kings, the Hawks outlasted Nashville, and it was the Pens (go Malkin!) over the Sens. I didn't make any picks for the first round - there were just too many factors to consider. As soon as tonight's game is over though, I'll make some predictions.


UPDATE: With seconds left in the first period, Gionta scores for the Canadiens!


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