Round 2 Predictions

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Captain Karen's Round 2 picks:

San Jose/Detroit: Detroit
I can't stand the Sharks

Vancouver/Chicago: Vancouver
However, Luongo's gotta be more consistent in goal otherwise the Hawks could skate all over them.

Pittsburgh/Montreal: Montreal
I like the Pens a lot but I've got to pick Montreal. I think this could be one of the best series of the playoffs.

Boston/Philadelphia: Um...Philly?
To be honest, this is the one matchup I really could care less about. Don Cherry loves the Bruins and I did have a Bobby Orr lunch box when I was a kid but ... meh.

I told a Red Wings fan at work this morning that my prediction for the Finals was Pittsburgh vs. San Jose. Dear god, I hope I'm not right. Now, Pittsburgh vs. Vancouver or...god forbid (I don't know if it's even possible) Montreal vs. Vancouver? Can you imagine?


nwtrunner said...

Hoping hoping hoping for Montreal vs Vancouver for final! I'm a lifelong Habs fan from first following them in the late 60s through the glory years of the 70s. Fun watching them again!

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