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Friday, April 23, 2010
The other day, I was checking my Facebook page as I do numerous times throughout the day (yes, like many other internet vices, its seriously addictive) when I decided to click on my profile. Cue annoying pop-up box. Except rather than an ad for stupid t-shirts, local concerts I have no interest in, or a free poker game offer, it was a notice from the Facebook folks. It was "asking" me if I wanted to link to a number of pages based on information in my profile. I thought for a quick moment and decide no, I did not want to link to my employer's Facebook page, nor the one belonging to my city. However, when I had unchecked the appropriate boxes and then clicked on "OK", "Continue" or whatever the option of the day was, it warned me that this information would be removed from my profile.

Say what? Just because I don't want to link to another Facebook site, I'm being told that I can no longer have this information appear on my own Facebook page? That's stupid, I thought, I must have misunderstood. After continuing on, I went back to my profile page and, sure enough, it was gone. I was stunned.

First there was the problem with them using/keeping or somehow doing something with the ownership of pictures posted to their site. Then their was a big to-do about their privacy policy. Now, they're practically forcing us to link to other subsites within their social network. My buddy Coyote also made me hip to another problem where Facebook is sharing your public information with "select partner sites" for an "enhanced experience" when you visit these sites. And you probably didn't even know about it. Turns out it's automatically on your privacy settings and YOU have to uncheck the box allowing them to do it. Sneaky fuckers, aren't they, those Facebook folks.

That was the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back.

I'm sure other sites do the same sort of things but I'm not a member of other social networks. I have enough trouble keeping up to date with actual in-person networking let alone trying to keep up with the virtual. There is no Tweeting for this Captain. I could care less about Ditto for MySpace. I'm on LibraryThing but it's a way of keeping track of my books and finding others to read by folks who have similar taste in the written word. I'm sure there are thousands of them out there. I'm very unhip to web-happenings though.

So, it is with absolutely no sadness, not a single tear, nary a sniffle, that I am about to say goodbye once again to Facebook and its Big Brother-type actions. I will keep my Facebook page up until the end of April (one week) and then I'm deleting everything. The people I keep in contact with will either have to visit me here, e-mail me (you know the address) or...GASP!...write me an actual letter or use the telephone. So, Adieu, Au revoir, Ciao, Hwyl fawr, Do svidaniya. Goodbye and good riddance. Stupid Facebook. You suck.


mister anchovy said...

I confess to not having a facebook page...I'm very happy with the infintessimal piece of virtual real estate I've carved out over at 27th Street and if people want to find me on the inner-nets, my good friends at google are happy to help them out.

Milla said...

Oh, and I finally signed up to it last night! Because I've decided to get in touch with my old penpal.

Thank you for this post, Karen: perfect timing!!

P.S. Myspace has been really good to me in terms of music, which is the reason I signed up to it. I have come across so many great, great bands that otherwise I would never had the chance to listen to.

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I don't blame you! It's getting ridiculous. And they don't bother announcing these things, I found out about that select partners thing through someone else. They ARE sneaky fuckers.

Milla: I have which has been brilliant for me in terms of finding new bands! Have you heard of it?

Heather said...

I opted out, but I don't typically use Facebook for much. It came in handy for getting the word out about the book launch, but that's about it.

They are sneaky little devils, though.

Milla said...

Coyote: I know Last.Fm but I don't know why I've never considered joining. I'll have another look...

Incidentally, I've had to put my Myspace page as 'private' because all of a sudden i received an influx of spam and requests from hip hop and rap bands. Jesus!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's like they want us to leave Facebook isn't it?

Milla said...

The same thing that happened to you happened to me tonight so I am out of facebook either tomorrow or Friday. I DID last 2 weeks in it, so that is long enough...

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