Kick Ass...Kicks Ass

Friday, May 07, 2010
I had a rotten day at work on Wednesday so I decided to treat myself to a movie – I had gift cards I needed to use up anyways and I’d been mildly interested in seeing Kick Ass but had put it off for more interesting but less entertaining fare (think Date Night). So, I dragged my tired self to the cinema and plunked my butt into the centre seat of the back row (best seat in the house, thank you), grabbed my popcorn and settled in. I don't remember much about the previews, nothing memorable but as the opening credits began to roll, my expectations for this film began to rise. Mixed amongst a number of names I didn't recognize and one I did (Nicholas Cage...ugh), I saw Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and ... Mark Strong. All three together in the same movie (I later discovered they had all worked together previously in Stardust) - it was as though the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing.

Dave is a big comic book fan who is constantly bullied at school and mugged on his way home. In an attempt to fight back, Dave decides to become a superhero. While he doesn’t have any special powers or the money for Batman-like cool gear, he’s determined to make a difference in the lives of his fellow New Yorkers. Dressed in his homemade costume and what look like dish washing gloves, Dave sets his sights on the muggers who harass him and his friends but ends up getting his own ass kicked and then run over by a passing car. The result is a number of metal pins in various appendages and desensitized nerve endings which only encourages him to continue his superhero journey. While trying to save a lost cat, Dave (aka Kick Ass) gets dropped into a fight with three guys who are intent on beating the living tar out of a fellow citizen. While doing a not-so-great job of fighting of the attackers, passersby whip out their iPhones and capture it all on video. Before you know it, Kick Ass is a media sensation, attracting the attention of other wanna-be superheroes including Big Daddy (finally a Nicholas Cage role I didn’t hate) and his pre-teen daughter, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz). Pretty soon, these new super heroes are disrupting the activities of one of the city’s biggest baddies, Frank D’amico (played by the exquisite Mark Strong … oh yes, I said he’s exquisite….rrrrrrawr). In an attempt to infiltrate the band of wannabe heros, his own comic book-loving son, Chris, dons his own costume and becomes Red Mist. Everyone’s plans quickly go awry and it looks like it could be curtains for our dashing do-gooders – will an 11 year old bad ass with the eyes of a sharpshooter and geeky comic book fan boy be able to save their friends?

You’ll have to see for yourself to find out.

There's a good reason this movie is rated 18A and its mainly due to a little girl who isn't even old enough to buy a ticket for this film. Hit Girl is at the centre of most of the violence. To be fair, I cared little about Dave's desperate attempt to win the girl of his dreams or become a crime fighter. The Hit Girl/Big Daddy/Frank D'Amico storyline could have held the movie on its own and Kick Ass/Dave could have been a mere side story.

Would I recommend Kick Ass? Definately but with a warning about the violence. Its not for everyone. And don't worry about it being a "comic book" movie.


Chandra said...

It was indeed a good flick. As a parent, the whole "Hit Girl" thing was kinda disturbing and awesome all at the same time. Nick Cage was extra creepy tho.

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