The Korean War - Version 2.0

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Back in March, a South Korean warship was torpedoed and sunk, killing 46 sailors. A group on international investigators from the UK, USA, Australia, South Korea and Sweden said recently that there was overwhelming evidence showing North Korea was responsible. The North has now declared that any retaliation would be seen as an act of war and cancelled an accord "aimed at preventing accidental naval clashes with South Korea". Given that relations between the North and South have been "tense" for as long as I can remember (and likely longer), this is just adding fuel to an already hot fire. In addition, both China and Russia (longstanding "former" enemies of the west) are refusing to assign blame in the dispute and want indisputable proof that North Korea torpedoed the South Korean ship. As two of the world's largest and most influential nations, shouldn't at least one of them have been included in the international investigation?

This, to me, is a prime example of where the United Nations should be stepping in. Isn't this what their role is supposed to be? Shouldn't they be the ones to solve international disputes? They represent the world and, you would think, the opinion of the majority of the rest of the planet. Or are they, as they often seem to be, merely an ineffective organization designed to make everyone feel as though the world has come together to police itself?

Is the east on the brink of war once more?


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