The Weekend

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The downtown Farmers Market opened this weekend and mom and I were there shortly after they opened for business. I was suprised at the range of vegetables available despite it being so early in the season. Fortunately, we have a couple of fantastic greenhouses in the region so we can get some fresh local veggies all year round. We came away with almost an entire week's (or more) worth of groceries, minus some items we needed to pick up at the supermarket (eg: catfood). I grabbed a 5lb bag of carrots, a larger bag of potatoes, 3 gorgeous peppers (red, yellow and orange), some raspberry/rhubarb jam, an English cucumber, a bag of tomatoes, 2 catnip plants and a cherry tomato plant. Pretty good, no? Mom nabbed herself a bunch of petunias for the balcony, an apple pie (it was not good), and some fresh local feta. Afterwards, we headed to Home Depot for more plants, potting soil, and tomato cages. The balcony garden will likely be finished next weekend - pictures to come.


Today was the usual laundry and tidying up. However, I met up with the lovely Ms. Moneypenny whom I haven't seen since right before she left for Scotland a year and a half ago. It was so lovely to see her. I've missed her. She's one of those people that you might not talk to very often but when you do get together, you know it's going to be a great visit - she's honest and open, with a fantastic sense of humour. We spent the hour and a half discussing our jobs, common friends and, of course, travel. Time flew by as it always does when you're in good company. We parted ways and I headed off to the book store where I picked up a new London travel guide (I had shredded mine during my trip last year). One less thing to worry about.

Now, I'm relaxing, watching some hockey, and hoping tomorrow doesn't come toooo soon.


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