What's a Girl To Do?

Sunday, May 09, 2010
Sigh. I do that a lot don't I?

I'm completely torn about the travel plans I mentioned previously. No, I'm not backing out. The year of Spartan living continues and will do so for the next 12 months or so. So what's the problem, you ask? London is the problem and it weighs heavily upon my shoulders. My trip last year was fantastic. I loved it. Sure, it was a bit nerve-wracking to travel by myself for my first ever trip overseas. And I was taking some risks travelling alone as a single woman, meeting internet buddies in real life (no axe murderers, yay!) and even taking advantage of their hospitality by staying in their home with a cat who could easily have killed me while I slept if he so desired.

As I sit here listenting to the thunder booming and the rain falling against the window, sipping my Twinnings mint tea (sigh..thanks AsteReds!), I am vividly reminded of my days in that great city. And I miss it terribly. I LOVED LONDON. The trains, the green spaces, the museums, the architecture, the history. I barely scratched the surface, not even seeing half of what I had originally planned on. I miss the pace of the city, the lights, the Thames (yeah, I'm weird), the people, the sounds, the smells... Even on my first full day there (after the hellish day on which I arrived where I got lost, bailed out on meeting up with Milla, and cried for an hour over cold pizza while texting Ms. Moneypenny in Scotland), it felt comfortable, homey...mine.

London, despite being an expensive city, is much more "doable" than any of the other trips I mentioned. It would be just over half the cost of one of those others. In fact, it looks like the B&B I stayed in last time has lowered some of their rates and I could stay in Islington (yes, I like it too!) for £35 a night. And that includes breakfast. You can't beat that, now can you? Plus, I'm an old pro at riding the tube, know some great inexpensive places to eat, and if my last trip was anything to go by, I can do London on the cheap. I want to follow Milla through the darkened back streets of central London again listening to her beautifully musical accent, I want to finally meet up with Alun and experience his witty repartie first hand, and you just know Homie the killer cat and I have some unfinished business (I will cuddle him someday). Not to mention there's Greenwich which beckons me unrelentingly with its seductive promise of a connection with my family's history; the Royal Geographic Society which was so close to me on my last day in London but the weather, which had been fantastic up to that point, turned against me and sent me crawling home to a warm bed, a cuppa, and the telly; and a million other points of interest.

Sigh. What's a girl to do? I'm taking suggestions...and donations.


tweetey30 said...

Karen, I wish I could help you out.. I want to go places too. I have friends all over I would love to go and see. so i take it you will be returning to London if you get enough saved.. yayy for you..

sp said...

Sounds like you know what you want to do! I wish I could donate to the cause, but as you know I'm living a frugal life myself.

Red said...

I can't do donations because I'm saving for a deposit on a house, but (if all goes well) I may be able to offer you a bed again. And this time (if all goes well), in a different, chi-chier location. We're looking at Deal, which used to be a smuggler's cove, so I'm sure you'd find something of interest there! Homie is sharpening his claws as we speak...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Flip a coin. Your response to the outcome will tell you what it is you really want to do.

Travelling does get horribly expensive though. I need to cut down on the trips to visit the Offspring this coming school year.

Milla said...

I can't offer you money cos I haven't got any, but I think if you miss London so much you should come over again!!

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