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Thursday, May 13, 2010
The difference in the amount of emails I receive now that I have left Facebook behind is amazing. Without getting constant updates, replies to my often silly comments, or folks inviting me to join various FB groups, I’m lucky if I get 3 emails a day (not including spam, of course) on average. It takes a bit of getting used to, I admit, but the quiet is actually refreshing. I know that the emails I am receiving are relatively important.

The weather here in E-Town has turned decidedly spring/summer-like. With highs in the high teens/low twenties all week and plenty of sunshine, people are unpacking their shorts and tanks, loading up on sunblock and blinding everyone around them with their bare legs, many of which haven’t seen the sun (or a razor) for the past 8 months. Our balcony will getting some new plants this weekend – we’re off on Saturday to pick up my tomato plants, a flower or two, and whatever mommikins decides she wants to plant on her side. Sadly, it looks like I have to restart my thyme and oregano – they dried out in their little greenhouse and then, sadly, they were drowned by a well-intentioned mother trying to revive them.

In hockey news, the Canucks are out. The Canadiens are in. I’m not surprised about Vancouver – Luong’s performance was erratic and you never knew whether he was going to have a good or bad day. I AM surprised about Montreal though. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to get past Pittsburgh but given the way the Penguins were playing last night? Yeah, no problemo. In the next round, San Jose will take on Chicago (go Blackhawks) and Montreal will either play Philly or Boston (that series has one more game to go).

Speaking of sports, less than a month until the start of World Cup soccer/football. I think Italy should be able to advance without much worry. England’s first game is against USA. Hmmm. I don’t believe they’ll have much of a problem with the other members of their group, Slovenia and Algeria, but the USA could put a crimp in their plans. I’ll have to keep my eyes on that group. Without further ado, here are my picks for advancing to the round of 16:

Group A: France and Mexico (sorry South Africa, I’m sure you’ll be excellent hosts)
Group B: Argentina and Greece (South Korea though will surprise everyone…somehow)
Group C: England and USA
Group D: Germany and Ghana (why Ghana - why not)
Group E: Denmark and the Netherlands
Group F: Italy and … Slovakia?
Group G: Brazil and Portugal
Group H: Spain and Chile

I don’t know much about football but there you go. Who are you cheering for? (my team includes Gigi...but sadly, according to wikipedia, it doesn't seem to have Alessandro del Piero. WTF?! Say it ain't so!)

And finally, as many of you likely have already guessed, I’ve decided to go back to England next year. Possibly March once again but if not, then I’ll go in the fall (2011). No way I’m going in the summer – too hot and too many people. Yes, I said England was too hot. When I was there last March, I was very warm (until I left London and the rain started…). So, be prepared to have me going on and on about my plans over the next months.

** UPDATE: ARRGGGH! 'Tis True. del Piero didn't make the team this time around. But he still might get a chance to represent Italy in South Africa.


mister anchovy said...

I'm cheering for Portugal because I lived for years in a Portuguese area and my friends there all love their football.

Milla said...

Del Piero hasn't done much in the past couple of years, has he? Internationally I mean.

March is a very good month to visit England!! I recommend it!! Come!
And don't bring a big suitcase with you this time..

sp said...

del Piero is no great loss. He's had his day. I was sad to see no Grosso or Luca Toni, but I'm still excited for the team. I'm hopeful.

Hmmm sounds like I'll have to contact you about our Soccer Pool.

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