The Work Saga Continues...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
... still covering for my coworker who's husband passed away back in late March (she's been gone since late February). Unfortunately she's not quite ready to come back and face the multitudes of well-meaning officemates who will undoubtedly be offering their condolences when she does return. I can't blame her. However, there is a light on the horizon and it sounds promising that she might be back in the next few weeks. I've gotten into the swing of things with managing both of our jobs and, at times, have quite enjoyed myself. Until yesterday.

Earthquake girl (you Facebookers will remember that story), has been feeling under the weather lately and went to a last minute appointment on Friday. He immediately sent her for a battery of medical tests which took her away from the office all day. No biggie, we cover for each other so it wasn't too bad. However, Tuesday morning rolls around and she has another appointment with her doctor, more tests and then back to the doctor again. Another call later in the day to explain that he has put her on a new medication and ordered her to stay home for the rest of the week; no driving; and a host of other instructions. Apparently the muscles around her heart are stressed and causing more problems than you could imagine. Needless to say that made her even more upset, her husband is practically in a panic, and the kids don't know what's going on.

I feel so bad for her and her family because she's not only my coworker, she's my friend. However, I am suddenly starting to feel the strain of the past few months as I am now doing my job, coworker #1's job, and now Earthquake Girl's job. I'm hoping and praying someone comes back soon because if I have to deal with nightmares about being hit by a car on my way to work much longer... I might be the next one to go on medical leave.


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