Ah...the weekend.

Saturday, June 26, 2010
As most of you likely know by now, Italy did not advance to the knockout round at this year's World Cup. Sigh. It's left this captain a tad down in the proverbial dumps. To be fair, they certainly didn't deserve to advance given how they were playing. It wasn't until the last 10 minutes of their final round robin game that they came together and played like they really wanted it. So much for the reigning champions. They've gone the way of France, minus some of the bizarre behaviour by coaches and players, and returned home to do whatever it is that footballers do when not playing. And so, I have to cheer on a new team. Brazil? No. Argentina? Nope. Netherlands? Nah. Germany? Nein. I decided to go with ... Japan. Why? Why not! Everyone else in the office football pool I organized has gone with Brazil and Argentina. One picked England (pffft, yeah, right...). I figured no one else would pick them to go all the way so if they did, I'd be the only one getting some bonus points. Doubtful they'll be advancing past the first knockout game but stranger things have happened.

I entered a contest on The Comedy Network and won myself a copy of Daily Show Correspondent Samantha Bee's new autobiography, "I Know I Am But What Are You". Bee is one of the best parts of the Daily Show. And she's Canadian to boot! I'm hoping the book is as hilarious as she is on television.

Out for breakfast this morning with mom before going grocery shopping, we managed to snag a booth with a great view of one of the televisions. I was able to catch a few minutes of the Uruguay-South Korea game before our food arrived. As we settled down to eat, local sports casting "legend" Bryan Hall arrived to catch the 2nd half and enjoy breakfast on his own. Considering this is the third time one of us has seen him at this particular restaurant, we're beginning to think this is part of his weekend routine when he's in town.

That's about it for now. Doing some knitting, going to watch the US/Ghana game (go Ghana!) and relaxing. Hope y'all are having a good weekend.


nwtrunner said...

I'm going for Ghana now Karen.

and have seen enough of Bryan Hall over the years to not want to sit next to him for breakfast because of what I saw of him. and I didn't see that much - mostly when I was at U of A in early 1990s and some things since then.

Ran 16 km today after walking another 14 km yesterday. Now mixing walking and running for first time in 28 years. Is working! :-)

Milla said...

In London it was hot hot hot at the week-end!!
England lost against ze zermans and will be on the way home like Italy was...

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