Finally - Balcony Gardening 2010 Edition

Sunday, June 13, 2010
I'm a bit late getting some pictures up of what we've done with the balcony this year but that's because the weather's not been cooperating ... hot hot hot in late April and early May, then rain and snow with almost freezing temperatures, a touch more sun and then rain, rain, and ... oh yes ... a bit of rain. We finally picked up the last of the starter plants this weekend along with a shelf so now we can just sit back and let everything grow. Unfortunately, the shelf we found won't fit plants that are too tall except on the top and I need that for my beans (and hopefully keep them from little cat mouths). As such, We don't have a lot sitting on it for now.

I don't remember what these little blue fellas are called but the colour was lovely so I grabbed them.

Here's my cherry tomato plant. It's growing like a weed while Mom's is simply surviving. Not growing but not dying either.

A lovely smelling citronella plant with the Italian flag I received from Milla a few years ago. It will remain up until Italy is eliminated or, better yet, they repeat as champions.

The Admiral hates marigolds but I wanted a splash of orange and they smell lovely. Hopefully they'll keep some bugs away. Anyone know a sure fire way to scare hornets/wasps away?

After the success of the red/white Canada themed planter of petunias last year, I was definately going to grab some again. This time I picked up purple wave petunias. Gorgeous. And the cats won't eat them.

I haven't been digging in the plants. Honest. Nope. Not me. Must have been some other cat with dirt in his paws and leaves hanging from his teeth.

I think this was called Sylvania or something like that. I liked it because it looked spikey, saucey and slightly vixen-ish.
Purple verbena.
Yellow potted 'mum. I love these.

What I don't love? My left foot. See that spot on the right side? Beside the Quicktime symbol on my laptop? That's the spot that keeps rubbing up against every shoe I own. My lovely arthritic foot decided to start acting up about a week and a half ago and I've been in a bit of pain when I walk, try to use my treadmill or when a cat's tail rubs against that one spot. The knuckle is so swollen it hurts to touch it. And you don't even have to apply any pressure to it - rolling over in bed and having the duvet wrap around my foot causes me to go "ouch". If it lasts much longer, I'm going to the doctor. Damn, I hate getting old.


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sp said...

I'm not sure I agree with the comments above, but um...yeah...

I love the garden. It looks great. The blue flowers look like lobelia. They are very pretty.

I'm sorry about your foot. I hope it improves. Have you tried Traumeel? It's a great homeopathic remedy that does apparently work well for arthritis. I've used it to help treat my achilles inflammation. It was a big help.

Milla said...

Ahhhh when the flowers come out after the planting, it is such a happiness! Yours look beautiful, especially the small blue ones (I think in here they are called 'Strong' or something like that -no relation to your Mark Strong ;-) )

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