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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Once again it's Corporate Challenge here in Edmonton and, after taking a break from the cribbage team last year and trying a new event, I was back pegging as many points as possible with my coworkers. Back in 2007, we medaled in the first year of the Cribbage tournament. Since then, however, our luck had gone downhill. This year? Well...let me start at the beginning.

Over the past month, we had tried (unsuccessfully) get our little team together to practice together so we had to resort to a lot of online games being played and the occasional 2 player games. However, on the day of the big game, we all managed to show up on time. Pizza had been purchased ahead of time in order to beat the long lineups at the small food counter which was at our tournament location. You could see the envy of the other teams (and the drool) as we chowed down on delicious yummy pizza as they waited and waited...and waited for their burgers and fries. For me, it certainly made up for being slammed in between the shoulder blades with a giant side mirror when the jackass who parked beside us opened up his oversized truck door without looking at what was going on beside him. He also did not say sorry or even acknowledge that he had hit me until I said "Ooops" and looked at home. You're going down blue plaid shirt man....going down.

Note, this year's theme was "beach party" hence the leis and the shorts (not shown).

We got off to a smoking hot start - winning the first 8 games of the night. At this point, we were all getting a bit nervous. With only 12 games total to be played, this gave us hope that we might medal again. Dare we hope and dream? Unfortunately the last two games that my partner and I played did not go so well. First up was a local cable company. I arrived at our table to find that someone had spilled pop all over the floor right under the chair I was to sit in. I was a bit pissed that they hadn't cleaned up after themselves and at the cable company players whose "home" table we were at - they didn't make any attempt either. Risking a late start to the game, I had to run to the bathroom, grab paper towels, wipe the floor, find a garbage can and then get back to the table. I think it threw off my concentration completely. Not to mention that the cable guys were not funny, outgoing, or sociable in the least. Plus, they couldn't count, weren't aware of the rules (or didn't care) and seemed to not know what they were doing. Worst game of the night. We lost. The last game I played was against my old employer, the insurance company. Lovely people. Lots of fun, although I think we were all super tired by this point. We lost that one as well, unfortunately but it wasn't nearly as depressing as losing to the cable company (who also dropped a couple of F-bombs on us at the end of the game).

When all was said and done, we had won 10 of 12 of our games. We were pretty positive that we would end up in the top 5, earning some much needed points for our standings in the division. After some chatter with other teams and overhearing some conversations our hopes faded slightly as it seemed like a number of teams had done equally well. They began announcing the winners... 5th place, not us. 4th place, another company whose name began with "Alberta"...slightly scary for a brief moment. 3rd place, not us. 2nd place, another "Alberta" team. Sweet bejeebus.

That's right folks. 1st place. Gold. We are the champions!!! Holy schmoleys! Yeeeeeee haw. When the fireworks ended and the champagne had been drunk (ok, neither of those things happened), the bronze team came over to chat with us. Turns out, things were closer than we had thought. The top three teams had all finished with a record of 10-2 so it came down to points pegged. Despite the frayed nerves and increased blood pressure it caused, all but two of our games were decided by a 5 point or LESS(!) margin. Tense.

I woke up this morning with a throat that felt like I had been drinking and smoking all night but it was soooo worth it.


mister anchovy said...

Wow, I don't think I've played cribbage in 25 years. I used to play a lot.

Wandering Coyote said...

Who'd've thunk it? I had no idea you were a cribbage champ! Wow, go you!

sp said...

1st place! That's awesome. Well played.

Milla said...

I had to google the word cribbage as I had never heard of it before!


韋于倫成 said...


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