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Friday, June 11, 2010
You're going to be inundated for the next few weeks with a lot of World Cup football info - scores, updates, my thoughts, etc. I'm even thinking of holding a football pool in the office but I'm not sure if there's going to be enough interest - it won't start until the round of 16 but something to think about. I'll poll the office sports geeks this week to see what they think.

My first pick went well - host team South Africa beat Mexico 1-0. Yippeeeeee! And they even did a little dance. Awesome. CORRECTION: Don't know how I missed the Mexico goal... so, that first game was a draw. Damn.

I've signed up for the CBC's World Cup pool. However, I should have paid more attention because I didn't know they had one until after the first two games were finished. Grrrrr. I doubt I'll finish anywhere near the top of the leaderboard but its fun.

Italy doesn't play their first game until Monday. I'll be working but it looks like CBC will let you watch the games online for free (god I hope that's correct) afterwards. That's a good thing because I might miss the England vs. USA game on Saturday (shopping trip with big brother possibly in the works) and Italy's opening game as its on while I'm at work. I'll get to watch part of it over the lunch hour but I'm not sure I can get away with watching the whole thing while trying to work. However, my Italian flag (thanks Milla!) is hanging proudly from my balcony in the sky, sandwiched between two smaller Canadian flags.

Are you catching any games this weekend or are you sick of all this "soccer" nonsense the rest of the world is caught up in?


nwtrunner said...

Ummmmm, didn't South Africa and Mexico draw 1-1??

I'm going with the ultimate underdogs - Cote d'Ivoire. In a group with both Brazil and Portugal - if they can get out of the group, they can go all the way!!! ;-)

Captain Karen said...

Oh sweet bejeebus. How did I miss that? I saw the offside nongoal by Mexico in the first half and then SA's go ahead goal. That'll teach me to play computer games while watching television. Thanks for catching that NWT.

Wandering Coyote said...

This event is something I couldn't care less about!

sp said...

I'm watching every chance I get! There's nothing like the World Cup.

I'm so happy to be able to watch it online when I'm at work. I watched the England/USA game today while at work.
I can't wait to watch Italy on Monday. We have our Italian flag up as well.

Milla said...

You put out the Italian flag!! That's my girl!!

I can't put mine out in case I get a stone through the window (it's still a BNP area where I live, alas), but I will listen to the match on Rai Radio2.
Go Cannavaro!!!!

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