What a day of upsets!

Friday, June 18, 2010
Holy cow! Have you been watching the world cup? Perhaps paying attention to, I dunno, Group C? You know, the one with England, Algeria, the USA, and Slovenia? If not, you are missing out. Many expected it to be all about England and America dominating the group and advancing easily. After the first two rounds of the qualifiers, it sits like this:

No...you are NOT seeing things. That's Slovenia at the top. And England and the US are 2 points behind. Granted there's pretty much no hope for Algeria to advance and the American certainly seems to have been robbed of their last goal thanks to some completely shitty work by the referee. But this is frankly a stunner. England is playing embarassingly poorly. They drew against Algeria. Algeria!

Also on tap today - Germany and Serbia. You'd think the outcome would be a given - Germany, right???? Ha ha ha. Foolish mortals. No. Ok then, a draw. Um....try once more. Serbia beat Germany 1-0. This is not only a bit embarassing for the German squad, the Serbians also handed them their first lost in the qualifying rounds since 1986! I'm stunned, but happy.


Red said...

I like upsets. :) England deserve to go home. Unless Italy pull their socks up, so do they.

Much as I dislike their manager, my money might be on Argentina this year...

nwtrunner said...

Loved seeing both England and Germany sputter, and Ivory Coast drew with Portugal. Could they, could they, could they possibly upset Brazil tomorrow??! Could they?!

sp said...

It's pretty dramatic isn't it? Wow England looked weak to me. Are they just overwhelmed. They did so well in qualifying, and now they seem stumped.
Ah, the fun of the world cup.

db picked Serbia as his dark horse for the world cup. Maybe he's on to something there.

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