104. I Know I Am, What Are You (Samantha Bee)

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Samantha Bee is best known as a comedienne and actor, currently working as one of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's correspondents. She's one of my favourite parts of the show so when I saw that the Comedy Network was giving away copies of her new autobiography, I entered right away. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was one of the lucky recipients!!! Yay me! Yay free books! Yay...whatever.

I Know I Am, What Are You is a hilarious account of Bee's childhood (mis)adventures - from her S&M Barbie parties (who didn't make their Barbies do things to Ken that are illegal in some states?), the auto-theft teen years, the art of gift-giving, and the bizarre way penis's just seem to appear out of thin air (or out of pants) whereever she goes - laid out in more of an essay-style rather than shorter, specific chapters.

After reading a few reviews, I wish now that I had a copy of the audio book rather than the paper version. I would have loved to hear Sam tell these same stories herself. However, the book is still highly entertaining, funny, wiity, self-depreciating and, naturally, very Canadian (oh...did I mention Bee and her husband, fellow Daily Show cast member Jason Jones, are both from Ontario?).

As I was enjoying the book (and quite literally LOL'ing), part of me wondered though just why we need an autobiography of Ms. Bee. Typically I think of those worthy of a book dediated to their lives are former world leaders, great humanitarians, historical figures and the like. These days however it seems that anyone can get a book deal and pop out a book to make a quick buck. This isn't meant to be disparaging in any way - Samantha Bee is an extremely talented comedienne, actor, and writer and her book had me giggling with each and every page.

My one big complaint about the book? It ended. Ok, there's actually two complaints hidden there - firstly that it was too short. I could have used an extra 100 pages, especially if I had had to pay for the book. Those missing hundred pages could have been used to say a bit about how made her way onto the Daily Show and a bit about her experiences as part of it's cast. That's the second part of my one big complaint - there was nothing about the program that has shot her into the spotlight. And while her life before hooking up with Jon Stewart was pretty freaking funny, I think most readers will pick up a copy of her book expecting to read a little bit about her life now.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to finish my thought above re: "It ended". There was no wind down, no summary, no ending. The book just ... stopped. Weird.


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I got to meet Samantha at Test the Nation a couple of years ago, but TBH, I had never heard of her before that! I don't watch The Daily Show so I had no clue.

Incidentally, also at that TTN, Tricia Helfer of BattleStar Galactica. Now, I had never heard of her before either, but as it happened, the writer's strike happened that spring and as a result, I wound up downloading & watching every episode of BSG after my brother & SIL told me it was MUST SEE, and then I was kicking myself because here I had been in the same room with Tricia and could have gone up & talked to her afterward if I'd wanted to!

Anyway, a tad bit of a digression here! Sorry!

S.M. Elliott said...

I like her on TDS, but I'm not sure I would've picked this up without reading a good review like yours. It seems like every third celebrity is cranking out books now, and some of them...well...I mean who wants to read about the life and times of Tori Spelling?!
This one sounds fun, tho, and I'll definitely check it out.

宮惠如宮惠如 said...
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tweetey30 said...

I have to admit I dont know who she is and I am glad to hear you got one of her books.. congrats.

sp said...

Hey, you're on a roll winning all of these prizes. Buy a lotto ticket.

I wondered about this book because I do think she's fantastic. I think I'll wait for the library to bring in a copy.

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